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harga tv lg 21 inch 21fu4rd tahun 2012

Below you can find info about harga tv lg 21 inch 21fu4rd tahun 2012, For me this TV product have good style, and look really elegant. Do you have same think with me about harga tv lg 21 inch 21fu4rd tahun 2012?


What do you think about POLYTRON 52UM70SM if we compare with LG – 21FU6RL? Which one do you think better? Price for this POLYTRON 52UM70SM TV product really cheap, you only need Rp 1.550.000,00 to own this TV. From the image we know this Polytron Tv is LCD Type. Price per Unit (piece): Rp 1.550.000,00 [...]

Sanken Vivostar Piano Black, 21″ Slim Fit TV

Ordinary TV product, that word in my mind while i see this Slim Fit Flat TV product Sanken ST-21B87FG. Specs for this TV is slim Look, PureFlat CPT, Hyperband Tuner, NTSC Playback, AV Stereo, 249 Channels, Indonesian & English OSD, 4 Pictures Mode, and other. Model : ST-21B87FG Kategori Televisi > Slim Fit Flat TV [...]


TOSHIBA 47ZV600 is LCD TV product with 47 inch screen size. From the image below you can see how this product TV look like. This product integrate with a lot of good specs and feature like 47″ LCD Flagship Toshiba, Meta brain premium video engine, 14-bit video processing, Resolution+ upscaling technology, Clearscan200 eliminating motion blur, [...]

Samsung All new Plasma TV 50” Series 7

Samsung PS50C7000 have good look, do you have same opinion with me? This TV product from Samsung is Plasma TV category. This Tv have good specs like Digital Noise Filter, Feature Samsung 3D, Clear Image Panel and other. Price for this Tv from Samsung is Rp. 19,200,000 and you will get 1 years guarantee. Read [...]

Slim Fit Flat TV LG 21″ With Pure Flat Slim CRT

What do you think about LG 21FU2RD? From the image you know who this TV look. LG 21FU2RD is Slim Fit Flat TV, and price for this TV is Rp. 1,085,000, and you will get 1 years guarantee from LG. FEATURES for this Slim Fit Flat TV is  XD Picture, Nano Fluorescene, Doming Mask Free, [...]

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