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harga tv lg 21 inch 21fu4rd tahun 2012

Below you can find info about harga tv lg 21 inch 21fu4rd tahun 2012, For me this TV product have good style, and look really elegant. Do you have same think with me about harga tv lg 21 inch 21fu4rd tahun 2012?

LG 47LD650 All new FULL HD High Definition LCD TV 47

Good day, i feel really happy today. Now i will write about LG 47LD650, from the image below you can see how this 47 inch screen size LCD tv from LG look like. This TV have ordinary design like another product. Price for this LCD product from LG really expensive, you need to pay Rp. [...]

LG 26LD310 26” LCD TV new Model

What do you think about design for LCD TV LG 26LD310 26”? This LG product have good feature like Dual XD Engine, Invisible Speaker, Speaker System 1 Way 2 Speakers, Just Scan mode, HDMI x 2 and other. Price for this LCD TV is Rp. 2,400,000 and you will get 1 years guarantee. Read another [...]

LG – 21FB7 Standard TV product

LG – 21FB7 is standard tv product, from the image this tv look really simple and ordinary. What do you think about this tv product from LG, do you have same opinion with me? Price for this tv is Rp 1.100.000,00, and for specs, you can read more detail below. Price per Unit (piece): Rp [...]

Ultra SlimFit Samsung TV Product 21 Inch

TV, you can find this product in every house in the world. Almost all family have minimum one TV in their house. In the market, you can find a lot of TV product, like LED, LCD, CRT, and another standard type. Now i will give you information about SAMSUNG – CS21A650DL. This product, from the [...]

LG 21 inch TV Product Price Standard

LG – 21FS4RD is 21 inch tv product, price for this product really cheap, only Rp 1.160.000,00. This standard tv from LG have good feature like 21″ Real Flat TV, X-Wave, DASP Simulated Surround, AV Stereo and other. LG – 21FS4RD Price per Unit (piece): Rp 1.160.000,00 * Features * 21″ Real Flat TV * [...]

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