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gambar tv lg 21 inc slim

Below you can find info about gambar tv lg 21 inc slim, For me this TV product have good style, and look really elegant. Do you have same think with me about gambar tv lg 21 inc slim?

Ultra Slim Flat TV LG – 29FU6RL

Standard TV product is the type of television i will write now. What do you think about LG – 29FU6RL from the image below you can see how this product TV from LG look like. Specs for this TV is 29 inch, DVD Component input, Turbo Sound, AV side input and other. For more detail [...]

Polytron All new 19″ LCD TV

TELETEXT, Power-up Logo, Ultra XBR, Menu OSD, is specification for this Polytron LCD TV, what do you think? Power consumption for this 19″ LCD TV is 110W. Compare this PLM 19B51 with LCD TV Polytron PLM 22B51. Model : Polytron All new 19″ LCD TV Kategori Televisi > LCD TV Merk Polytron Stok Call Garansi [...]

POLYTRON PS52SV23 Flat TV Product

What do you think about this POLYTRON PS52SV23 TV product? This TV have good design, this is my opinion base on image below, do you have same opinion with me? Price for this Plat TV only Rp 1.300.000,00, and this is really reasonable price for product with specs like Built in FM Radio, Picture Improvement, [...]

Samsung 3D LED TV, 60 with LED technology HyperReal

Expensive LED TV, that was first word in my mind while see this Samsung 60C6900 price. Price for this TV is Rp. 36,250,000, really expensive for me. Specification for this LED TV you can see detail below. Read also LCD TV Samsung 32C400, the price is really cheaper. Model : 60C6900 Kategori Televisi > LED [...]

LG 19LD330 Standard TV Product

Standard TV product, that is the first word from my head while i see LG 19LD330. What do you think about this LG poroduct TV from the image below you can see. If we compare with SHARP – 29AXS250, i will definitely choose LG 19LD330. Infinite Sound, Smart Energy Saving, Cinema Mode is specs and [...]

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